In the Simpsons animated TV Series, Season 11, Episode 12: The Mansion Family first aired January 23, 2000: character Montgomery Burns, voiced by Harry Shearer, reveals Mr. Burns social security number as "nought-nought-nought, nought-nought, nought-nought-nought-two" as he writes it on his applications form. The use of the british form of zero is excellent character development. Any form of british ling could have been used for the same effect: Nought, naught, ought or aught. The writers could have also used "O", or "OH", null, nada, zilch, zip.

Pure speculation is that the writers have given Mr. Burns the "second" social security number assigned because he is older than dirt, been around since the beginning of time - an excellent sub plot.

000 00 0002

*Footnote: From Blocks by State we see any prefix with 000 is invalid, joining 666 and range 900-999 as never valid numbers. Great use the by writers to not reveal a number possibly in use. from SSN First Card and lowest number
we see the actuall first card used was not numerically low like the writers are hinting at in the show.